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Sell Your Unwanted Leads

Get Paid Cash In 24 Hrs*

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*Subject to GDPR Compliance & Dota Prrotection Policies


Thank you for your interest ! We'll call you very soon & sign you up to Tripler.

Tired of chasing dead leads that simply don't convert to closed deals ?

Slow Moving Leads, Unreachable Leads, Low Budget Leads, Out Of Area Leads....give them all to us & for every

unwanted leads you share with us, we will pay you cash right away ! Read More..

Welcome To Tripler
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Looking for high quality property leads that are 300% more likely to convert into closed deals ? Get SMART leads from Tripler. Our AI powered SMART leads are pre-qualified and perfectly matched to your property listings. Simply click the lead on the Tripler App and get connected to the customer right away ! Read More..









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Share Your Unwanted Leads

Get Paid in 24 Hours*

*Subject to GDPR Compliance & Dota Protection 

Share Leads Get Paid

Tripler is the worlds only lead sharing platform that pays you for shared leads right away, usually within 24 hours ( subject to data validation ). While most lead sharing and referral platforms only pay for shared leads once they convert into closed deals, Tripler is different.  Read More..

SMART Leads From Tripler

TRIPLER uses AI-powered technology solutions to provide brokers and real estate developers with pre-qualified & perfectly matched ‘Smart Leads’ that convert at 3X of normal conversion rates.  




Thank you for your interest ! We will be calling you shortly to sign you up to Tripler.

Get SMART Leads
 About Tripler
About Us

We are Tripler and we are here to help you close more deals.

 We are a London based prop-tech company that enables estate agents to be more productive by allowing them to focus their time and energy on leads that are most likely to convert into closed deals.  Read More..


With a new age focus on domain competence and the power of distributed working, the Tripler team is simply focussed on getting results. Read More..

Tripler In The News

Tripler is proud to have been supported in its pre-seed investment round by a diverse and  prestigious group of investors from the UK and the USA.  Our institutional shareholders include KM Capital-UK ( part of the BooHoo Group ) and Elion Partners - New York. Read More..


Tripler’s lead sharing platform is managed out of our headquarters in Central London and services the whole of the UK. With a clear eye on the incredible potential of the US market, Tripler’s US operations are based out of our ancillary office in Atlanta Georgia. Read More..

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I sign up to Tripler, to share my unwanted property leads and start earning?"
    Sharing unwanted* property leads with Tripler is quick and easy. Simply download the Tripler app for your Android or IOS device. The Tripler app is available to download for free from the Google Play Store and the App Store. Signing up to Tripler is also free, quick, and easy. Once you have entered you details on the app, you can start sharing leads. You can share leads by manually entering individual leads, uploading an excel file or picture of your leads, or even sending multiple leads by email – all through the app! All you need to provide is the name, phone number and email address of your lead, and indiacte whether they are interested in renting or buying (rental lead or sale lead). Once we connect with the lead, to validate the lead and confirm their property requirements, you willl recieve £5 per rental lead and £10 per sale lead. You will directly recieve payment, usually within 24 hours, through your prefered method of payment (PayPal etc.) *Unwanted leads may include those that are low-budget, out-of-area, unreachable or slow-moving.
  • How will I get paid and can you guarantee payment?
    Once we have validated a lead you have provided, you will recieve £5 per rental lead and £10 per sale lead. We endeavour to make our validation process as quick as possible, so that you can get paid within 24 hours. You will be paid directly, through your preferred method (PayPal etc.). You can easily view your earnings on your personal dashboard, to track any money due and any money paid – the status of your shared leads is always readily available. Tripler is the brand name for the legal entity Real World Technologies Ltd., which is registered with the Company House and managed by a seasoned team and credible investors. As long as the leads you provide are legitimate, you can be assured that you will receive payment for your unwanted property leads.
  • What does Tripler do with my unwanted leads? How does Tripler make money?
    The unwanted leads which you provide are first validated by our team, to confirm that the customer is legitmiate and still actively looking to rent or buy a property. We connect with these prospective renters/buyers usually via phone, but also text or email. We establish the customer’s property requirements and specifications, fed their details into our AI-powered engine, and offer the lead to matched agents who are best suited to help the customer. If a matched agent accepts the lead, they are then able to connect with and help the customer with their property requirement. The matched agent purchases the lead through a membership, or provides with a percentage of their commission from a closed deal.
  • Is it legal for me to share property leads with Tripler? What about GDPR and data protection laws?
    Yes, it is perfectly legal for you to share your unwanted leads with Tripler. Our team at Tripler will call the leads you share with us, as your representative. We obtain consent, on a recorded line, before a lead's details are shared with any other agent. When entering their details online, through portals or sites, your unwanted leads will have been provided the right to 'opt-in' to their data being shared with any third party. Once they have 'opted-in', in compliance with GDPR and data-protection laws, a lead is marked as validated and their information is shared with other agents. Their choice and consent constitutes a further "legitimate interest", on the basis of sharing their information with other agents who may be able to assist them with their property search. The Tripler Lead Sharing Platform is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (www.ICO.Org.Uk ) as a Registered Data Controller Registration No. ZA172484 and all data is maintained in compliance with ICO guidelines.
  • How many leads can I share with Tripler? Can I still work on my leads, even after I share them?"
    You can share as many, or as few, property leads with Tripler as you wish. The more unwanted leads you share, the more money you will be able to earn. After sharing your leads with us, you can continue to work on them if you so wish. Since you will only be sharing your leads with Tripler, you are not passing on any rights of the lead.
  • What are SMART leads, and how can I access them?"
    Our SMART leads are pre-qualified property leads, which are 3x more likely to convert into a closed deal, thanks to our AI powered technology. SMART leads have been validated by our team – who gather up to 20 data points from prospective buyers and renters – to perfectly match you with your ideal customer. The SMART leads offered by Tripler are accessible through the Tripler app. You will be matched with SMART leads from the details you will provide us, when registering to Tripler and setting your preferences. Perfectly matched leads will come straight to you, as the app will notify you the moment their is an available leads, which you can access and view before purchasing. What's more, you can listen to prospective renters/buyers, thanks to our voice lead feature – you can directly hear their requirements and specifications. You can purchase a SMART the lead by paying for a membership, or providing Tripler with a percentage of your commission from a closed deal.
  • How can I trust that Tripler is a legitimate lead sharing platform?
    Tripler is the brand name for the legal entity Real World Technologies Ltd., which is registered with the Company House and managed by a seasoned team and credible investors. Details about our team, investors and associates are available on our website. Look under the 'Our Team' and 'Investors' tab. Please feel free to use this information when researching our credentials.
  • Will my leads know I shared their details? Will I get in trouble?
    Our team at Tripler will call the leads you share with us, as your representative, to validate that they are still actively looking to rent or buy a property. We obtain consent, on a recorded line, before a lead's details are shared with any other agent. We never reveal the source of our shared leads, and we will not name any agents. If the customer queries us over how we obtained their details, we reassure them that we are contacting them on behalf of our partner agents. We are happy to explain to a customer that our process is legitimate and GDPR compliant, without revealing identifiable details about our sources.
  • I shared leads with Tripler App but didn't get paid, what do I do?"
    Through the Tripler app, you will be able to view the status of your shared leads on your personal dashboard. You can track any money due and any money paid, so that the updated status of your shared leads is always readily available. In the instance that a property lead you have provided us can't be validated, the dashboard will show this incomplete/invalid status accordingly. You would therefore not be due or owed any money for that lead. We strive to qualify every unwanted property lead you provide to Tripler, so we recommend sharing as many legitimate leads as you wish, to decrease the chance that a lead can't be validated. If you due any money and haven't been paid, please contact Tripler so that we can look into your issue immediately and help you out. Call us on our agent helpline, as provided in the Tripler app, or send us an email on .
  • Will you spam my shared leads or sell their data on? What about data protection?
    We will make a reasonable attempt to connect with your shared lead via phone, text and email and will not be spamming the customer. After unsuccessfully attempting to connect with the lead for a reasonable time, we will discard the lead and it will be updated accordingly on our servers. We don't sell the leads further down to any third party vendors and all shared leads are securely parked on our servers and will not accessible to anyone else, except authorised personnel.
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