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Sharing My Leads - How Safe Is It?

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Did you know that, on average, 98% of property leads don't convert into deals? So, for every 100 portal leads that cloud your inbox, you will only ever manage to close 2 deals.

Think about that! Hundreds of phone calls, endless follow-ups, and only a 2% conversion rate. That's a lot of effort for a very discouraging result. Time-wasters, window-shoppers, fence-sitters... these are all mixed in with genuine property hunters; you have to sift through them ALL before you can find the needle in the haystack. And even when you do manage to close 2 deals from over 100 portal leads, what do you do with all the rest? All those unwanted leads that never closed... just filling up your inbox.

But, then you come across Tripler, the lead sharing platform that promises to take all these unwanted leads off your hands and actually pay you for them!

Fantastic, you think! Let's just send all unwanted leads their way. Load 'em up on the Tripler App and wait for the sweet sound of a credit landing in your bank account, often within 24 hours.

But just how safe is it? Is that allowed? Is it even legal? What about GDPR?

First, the good news. All portal leads come from property seekers having "opted-in" to share their data. They have chosen to provide you with their contact details; they have requested that they be contacted by you, your representative, or business associates, to help them with their property search. The property hunter – or applicant – has "opted in" and expressed a "legitimate interest" in being contacted, in connection with their property search.

GDPR laws, while stringent, are practical and helpful. As long as the client has shared their data voluntarily – has opted in and has expressed a legitimate interest – it is perfectly legal for their contact details to be shared with partners, associates and representatives, who can further help them with their property search.

Tripler is registered with the ICO (the official government body for data protection and implementation of GDPR) and follows due process, to ensure that all data is handled in a legally compliant and responsible manner.

So, go ahead, share your unwanted leads with Tripler and wait for the sweet sound of a credit ringing into your bank account!

Simply download the Tripler app, sign up for free, share your unwanted leads, and get paid right away!

Happy lead sharing!

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