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Meet Our
Leadership Team

Welcome to the team behind Tripler.

Based between our various offices, our leadership team has over 55 years of combined experience in the property sector. We’re also supported by a dedicated team of outsourced partners.

As "insiders", we understand the challenges that property professionals face, tackling an endless flow of unqualified leads. That’s why we’re determined to change things, as we continue to redefine the way that leads are qualified, shared and managed.

Sam Singh

  • 33
  • LinkedIn

Chief Executive

A proud UC Berkeley alum, Sam jumped straight into the entrepreneurial world after he graduated. He started his first company with zero capital, zero clients, a lot of naivety and audacious plans. Since then, Sam has gained 25 years' experience in building start-ups, from marketing services to real estate and prop-tech. Now, as a serial entrepreneur, Sam has 

built 3 successful companies with multiple exits to his name.

From a personal perspective, Sam is a big fan of business at the speed of thought. He’s a stickler for order, discipline & efficiency and getting the job done right. Sam believed that the way that lead management in the property market had been operating was too clunky and that led him to being so obsessed with building a  smarter solution to this frustrating problem. When he finds the time away from Tripler, Sam enjoys playing a mean game or two of Tennis.

Manish Mehta

Head of Product & Operations

Having travelled from a young age, attending schools across the world, Manish and his family are now settled in the US. Since his first job with Nestlé, Manish has gained over 22 years' experience in successful high growth companies, from marketing services to real estate and prop-tech.

If you get to know Manish, you’ll come to understand his grounded nature. His interest in the nuts and bolts of business means that he has a keen eye for detail. Manish led many important trials for Tripler and got great feedback from agents, when the platform was being finalised – and we can’t thank him enough!

Manish spends his spare time with his family (and especially his dog, Bounce.

  • 33
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Harish Patel

Chief Technology Officer

A proud alum of the prestigious IITs, Harish has since gained over 15 years’ experience developing tech and IT systems for real estate, telecoms, and financial services.

Harish is responsible for creating the whole of Tripler’s technology architecture, and nearly all of the ‘wow’ features that the app has to offer (as much as the rest of team hates to admit it!).

A bit of a foodie, Harish is particularly obsessed with Indian dishes; his favourite snack is Vada Pav, a Mumbai speciality.

  • 33

Ruchir Mehrotra

Head of Sales


Renz Angelo

Team Leader – Operations

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