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Our Mission

At Tripler, our mission is simple! We triple the potential of your property leads and help you close more deals. 

Founded in 2018, Tripler has developed some of the most impressive technology architecture in the property sector. Backed by a R&D grant from the UK Government, Tripler's intelligent algorithms and matching engines are reinventing the way that property leads are shared, qualified, managed and closed.

The Birth of an Idea

The idea for the Tripler platform was sparked from a conversation overheard between property professionals. There was always the same general agents felt less like property agents and more like call centre agents, spending hours trying to get just hold of customers rather than closing deals.

The founding team realised something: if there was to be a smarter solution, only technology could make it happen. Why chase all these internet leads, with only a 2% chance of conversion, when you could focus on quality over quantity? Surely it was possible to get more out of the property leads you already have, rather than constantly struggling to get more low-quality leads that were a brain ache to convert?

Imagine the hours spent chasing fence-sitters, window-shoppers, walkers and talkers, instead of focusing on customers that are deal-closers.

To solve today’s problem of internet leads, we needed the latest tech solutions. Tripler turned to the newest AI technology. Our ongoing efforts shall soon include the deep integration of AI Machine Learning, Social Listening, Sentiment Analysis and  Asynchronous Communication Tools. On our journey of mastering lead conversion through technology, we are only just getting started.

Tripler is new age, geographically distributed company but our core operations 

are managed from our headquarters in London, UK. Our regional offices are based in Dubai, UAE and Atlanta, USA. Our technology centre and team are based in Mumbai, India.

We are proud to be supported by a prestigious group of investors. Our institutional shareholders include KM Capital UK, the venture arm of the $2.5b BooHoo Group, and New York-based Elion Partners, a $3b real estate investment fund. Our private investors include the family offices of Paul Marson-Smith, Harold Gittelmon, and Baroness Kate Rock.

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