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About Us

Tripler is a free online property service that perfectly matches prospective renters/buyers with ideal properties, by establishing their requirements and specifications. 

We connect customers to carefully selected estate agents, based off of the details they share with us.

About us
Effortless Service – Taking Care of the Hassle for You

Tripler is completely free and very simple to engage with. After answering our key questions – during a quick call – Tripler can match you with agents on your behalf. Agents will then reach out directly with available properties.


  • No need to search online for hours.

  • No need to make hundreds of calls.

  • No need to chase down agents.

AI powered Matching – 3x More Likely to Find the Perfect Property

After Tripler reaches out to you – and you provide details on your property needs – our matching service can begin. Your information is processed by our AI engine, to generate a match. 

We create matches that are precise; the chances of being perfectly matched are much higher using our technology. In fact, our service makes it 3x more likely for you to be connected with the perfect property and agent.

100% Property Coverage –
Options in All Areas

We bring together all available properties from all websites, all portals and all agents. Yes, Tripler really has access to every source.


When you use our AI powered matching service, every ideal property is accessible in one place. You will effortlessly be connected, by first connecting with Tripler.

Carefully Chosen Agents You Can Trust

After the matching service is complete, the introductory service begins. Just as Tripler saves you time and hassle by personally getting in touch, our matched agents will do the same. We ensure that our available agents are: 

  • Bespoke to you. 

  • Compatible with your requirements and specifications.

  • High-quality and hold the ideal properties. 

  • Able to contact you directly, to best help you with your search.

How it Works
Connect with Us

So, if you are looking to rent or buy a property, be sure to get in touch with Tripler.


Once you provide your details, we can begin the matching service. Our service is completely free to use – agents and properties will come straight to you. 

You will receive an initial call from Tripler, to gather your requirements and specifications. After we know your property needs you can expect to be contacted by a perfectly matched agent. You’ll find your ideal property in no time. 

Fill out our form to begin.

Thank you for your interest !

We'll contact you very soon, to help you sign up with Tripler.

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